Store Reopenings

Due to the COVID-19 countermeasures and the Japanese government`s decision to declare a national state of emergency, we temporarily closed all of our locations. With some local governments lifting restrictions, we will be reopening certain locations. Each HOODS temporary online store will continue to remain open.

GIP-STORE (temporarily closed)
HOODS SENDAI (operating at regular hours)
HOODS KANAZAWA (operating at regular hours)
HOODS NAGOYA (operating at regular hours)
HOODS OSAKA (operating at regular hours)
HOODS MATSUYAMA (operating at regular hours)
HOODS HIROSHIMA (operating at regular hours)
HOODS FUKUOKA (open provisionally)

・The WTAPS online store will continue to operate as usual.
・All HOODS locations will continue to accept orders via phone or email.
・Business hours and store reopenings will be decided individually by each store based on their regional situation.
・At each reopened location we will be taking measures to prevent the spread of infection. We appreciate your cooperation.

We hope for everyone`s safety in these difficult times.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support.