FEATURE 23 WTAPS®(W_Lab) / Daisy

The major changes of situation in recent years have given everyone the opportunity to reconsider their preconceived notions.
For us, the situation has brought about a great change of attitude.
The opening of “WTAPS® (W_Lab)” (A.K.A The Lab) was triggered by an unprecedented situation and the need to rethink the future of the brand and shop.
As the bustle of the city becomes quiet, lifestyles begin to change, and online shopping becomes a more accessible standard which continues to evolve. We thought that the future of the shop should be one where the experience you get from visiting is of a different value to that of online.
The concept of this laboratory is to allow guests to experience the brand's current philosophy, through a staff pairing appointment system, in a space with background music and an installed monument known as The Monolith.
The Laboratory is a space to share WTAPS' conscious.
This is the shape of WTAPS' expression in the year of 2021, to be fully experienced and completed upon visit.