In recent years, the term “street fashion” is often heard.

If you think about it in a literal sense, “street fashion” would equal “fashion on a street corner”, but it seems to have a different essence from that of “streetwear”.

Going a little off topic…

Skateboarding is a representative of youth culture that we associate with the word “street”.

It seems that the perspective of those skateboarders versus other people is different.

For example, roads, buildings, and other things that form a city environment are usually perceived as something created for the purpose of visitors.

Skateboarders on the other hand have a unique perspective on the surface of the road, hills, stairs, railings, walls, etc. that serve the purpose of the people who gather in a city, using the terrain as a way to express themselves.

They see the current situation from a different perspective.

By “seeing things from a different angle,” new value is created.

To put it one way, we believe that “street” is a form of expression and culture that breaks the conventional concept by “seeing things from a different angle”.

The term “street fashion” has begun to take root with a value and culture that goes beyond just “streetwear”.

It expresses itself from a unique perspective against the backdrop of Tokyo’s urban terrain.

This is the unchanged identity of the WTAPS brand, from then until now.

In 2021, WTAPS is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

A new collection starting from a new standard.