Change is not only part of the big picture, but is happening all of the time in everyday life around us.

Even if it doesn’t become a major issue in the world, if it shakes our values, our ideas, it’s a change.

Maybe we arrive at that next evolutionary point because we have developed our ways of doing and thinking as a result of the continuity that we have built up over the years.

What was thought to be normal will no longer be normal, and what we thought was extraordinary will become ordinary.

These changes that take place inside these times will create new concepts and ideas.

The changes we undergo unexpectedly can be shocking, confusing, disorienting.

But we can’t just go on grieving and be pessimistic about living.

A new normal. A new daily life.

I feel like I hear these words more and more often.

But now as the concepts of normalcy are becoming more and more ambiguous, perhaps the elimination of categories such as old and new is “normal” and the way it should be.

Photo & Movie by Tomohiko Tagawa