Title:   Kick Start.

Titled as VLOG = Video Log
I am starting a new form of blog
using short video clips in a commentary style.
For starters
what went on at a shoot the other day.
On a shoot for an Italian bike + fashion magazine RIDERS
NEIGHBORHOOD’s Takizawa and I went on a rolling shoot.
It was for a few hours and had a short touring feel.
The day before the battery was charged, spark plugs changed
air pressure checked, and of course filled the tank
checking over mainly the bike’s weak points and wrenching
is a necessity before going on a ride for some distance.
It is not a ride that is a useful tool like the modern day car
and takes time and work
but doing all this is part of the process of
riding on old bike.
The heat was kind of tough for a 30s bike and a 70s bike
but there was no heavy traffic and it all went well without trouble.
It has been a while since the two of us were able to ride together
so it was also good time.
Before Neighborhood set up shop
we used to ride a lot.
Whether it rained or snowed
wherever, whatever it was by bike.
Right? Mr. Takizawa.