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The WTAPS 2016 Spring/Summer season starts from *March 5th (Sat).

Please take the time to see for yourself at a dealer.

*Hours of operation vary between stores. Please contact your local dealer for details.

Title: Our apologies regarding needed corrections

There are item descriptions in the EX32 catalog which do not reflect the specifications of the production items.
The below are the needed corrections. Please accept our apology regarding this.

P57 WFS / There will be a hook an loop fastener insignia patch on the left chest
P83 DESIGN HOODED 02 / A gusset has been added to the front.
P91 HELLWEEK SHORTS / Drawcords have been attached to adjust the waist.
P97 SKIVVIES. SOX / The WTAPS logo for the no show socks has been moved from the heel to the instep.

Title: 16S/S CATALOG


Catalog distribution for the 2016SS season will start on 27th Mar. at participating dealers.

Catalogs are limited so please contact your local dealer for details.

Title: 2016SS LOOK BOOK


From February 13rd, the 2016 S/S season LOOK BOOK

will be available to view at the GIP-STORE and HOODS stores.

Please take a look at this as a preview to the catalog.

For details, please contact your local dealer.

Title: Announcement of a Delay in Release

Thank you for your ongoing support of WTAPS.
The release date for the below CARHARTT
collaboration items which were planned to be released
on October 3rd will be delayed.
Further, we currently do not have an estimated date for the release.





We truly hope for your understanding.
Thank you.

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