February 2011

Title: Notice and apology of error in the 2011SS catalog

In the WTAPS2011SS catalog, there is a mistake in the addresses of our distributors MRA and BURDEN so we would like to apologize if we caused any confusion.

Below is the correct information:
MRA / 0776-63-6643 / 2-132 Usui, Fukui Fukui
BURDEN / 076-420-6880 / 3-9-1 Sogawa, Toyama Toyama

We would like to apologize to the above stores and customers. We are very sorry for causing any confusion.

Title: 11S/S CATALOG


Catalog distribution for the 2011 SS season WHO DARES WINS. will start on 19 Feb. at participating dealers.
Catalogs are limited so please contact your local dealer for details.

Title: 2011SS LOOK BOOK

From February 31st, the 2010 A/W season LOOK BOOK will be available to view at Blackflag and the HOODS stores.
Please take a look at this as a preview to the catalog.

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