June 2012

Title: WARP

WARP August/Septemper issue(sold on 6/24) p.31,35 in the feature of "Summer Style 2012" shows items worn by a staff.

Title: Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone JAPAN EDITION July issue (sold on 6/8)P.85 in the feature of an interview page for artist shows items worn by PES.

Title: GRIND

GRIND July issue(sold on 6/5) p.18 in the feature of "90's Basic Items in Street Trad styles" show items worn by a model. P.31 in the feature of "High-Street Styles with 90's items / Basics with Basics" an item of WTAPS is listed. P.54 in the feature of "T-Shirts Catalog" an item of WTAPS is listed.P.69 in the feature of "Must-Have style Shorts" an item of WTAPS is listed.P.98 in the feature of "CRACKS" items of WTAPS are listed. Also in the p.115 Tetsu Nishiyama writes PUBLIC RELATIONS serially.
This issue has a WTAPS tote bag for appendix.

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