March 2009

Title: honeyee.mag

honeyee.mag vol.8, p.48 thru p.57(sold on 3/25) featured in an article “CIRCULAR BEHAVIOR” which include his interview. P.102,106 in the feature "FAVORITES 2009" items of WTAPS are listed.Also on the back page p.158,159 of the same issue, the honeyee.mag limited edition WTAPS T-shirts are shown as an exclusive release.

Title: WARP

WARP May issue p.16,17(sold on 3/24) a special feature article of Blackflag show items worn by the staff of Blackflag and TET. P.61 thru 63 in the feature “4 category of jackets in Spring" items of WTAPS are listed.Also in the feature "HEADLINE CULTURE" has report of the event for "Guerrilla the incubation period" . P.103 in the feature "Who selected Bags & Accessories" items of WTAPS are listed.

Title: HUGE

HUGE May issue p.104,106 (sold on 3/24) items are featured in the article "style Directory". P.148 in the feature "awesome DENIM" item of WTAPS is listed.P.158,161 in the feature “PICKups” items of WTAPS are listed.


COOL TRANS May issue p.117(sold on 3/24) in the feature “I LOVE DENIM!!" items of WTAPS are listed.


BRUTUS vol.659 p.176 thru 179 (sold on 3/16) in the feature “Brutus Journal” has an interview of Tetsu Nishiyama.

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