August 2008

Title: WARP

WARP October issue P.10 (sold on 8/23) items are featured in the article "HEADLINE TOKYO”. P.57 In the feature of the snaps shows items worn by a Blackflag staff. P.94 "Recommended must-buy accessories for this autumn" an item of WTAPS is listed.P.139 the uniform of BMX riders for Nike is featured in the article "THE GUIDE".

Title: HEART

HEART October issue P.109 (sold on 8/23) in the feature “Shirt & Knit Style" items of WTAPS are listed.

Title: HUGE

HUGE October issue P.25 (sold on 8/23) item is featured in the article "H,". P.202 featured an interview style column with Tetsu Nishiyama x Kunichi Nomura “SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCK” Class27 “Loser Than You”.


COOL TRANS October issue P.35(sold on 8/23) in the feature “Genuine staff in this autumn!!!" an item of WTAPS is listed.
Also P.188 thru P.195 a special feature article of Wtaps show items worn by a staff of Blackflag and TET.


CYCLE HEADZ The third issue P.2 (sold on 6/20) featured an interview with Tetsu Nishiyama in "The six people for VANS SYNDICATE" . P.34 "Autumn style of the HEADZ" show items worn by Tetsu Nishiyama.P.40 thru P.45 has 6 pages covering items and clothing worn by models. P.104 "Motor Cycle Makes A Man" has a 2 pages column by Tetsu Nishiyama.

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