Title: All Things WTAPS./200th entry「Archives」

For a plan that is currently in progress, many things from the past have been gathered together for a shoot; of course there are items, but also art pieces, silk screens, and even shop signs and fixtures.

There is also an interview text which will go together with it, so I have to be well prepared to be able to write down things whenever since there is information you cannot miss even in the casual discussions.
All determined, I still catch things late and scribble things down in a hurry; in my experience, there are more than a few times I look back at the notes and cannot find where I wrote things and panic even more.
Looking at things I have not touched in while, or seeing a shop name on the corner of a memo looking like some code, I thought about how things that may seem unrelated at first may actually be the element of interest.





Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./198th entry「Photos with scenery」

We did our 2014 AW catalog shoot.
From 2013 SS the image cuts for the style samples have changed quite a bit; we would like for these first few pages to be able to show more of our world view and the sources of what influences our products.
Regardless of being a long day, thanks to everyone, things were able to proceed in a relaxed vibe.

But there was some trouble; I got flustered, and at the same time was blown away at how things were handled promptly like it was not a big issue at all.





Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./197th entry「Humidity」

No matter how light of a material you wear, no matter how short you wear something, the season of unpleasant sweat regardless of the highs and lows of the temperatures is here. The rainy season.

Even if you feel it may be a little cool, just walking you get that feeling around your forehead that it is going to creep up. If you let it be thinking that is it, you are done; in a flash you will be all sweaty from your temple down to the collar. It is like the start of an afternoon rain. If you underestimate it, you will definitely regret it.

That is why right around now the bandana gets put into heavy use.
As long as it is something that can wipe away the sweat, but it cannot be just anything.
"Where is the one with the navy dots; it's still not washed!" When getting ready to leave in the morning and going through my bandanas, I end up with a sense of disappointment and impatience.





Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./196th entry「Wanting to predict future tastes」

When buying something from one season ahead, basically it is usually done as a preparation in advance.
Of course there is the case of buying additional items during the current season, but at the launch of the season it is the norm for it to take place during temperatures that are the exact opposite; I have gotten used to contemplating on whether to buy or not a jacket during the lingering summer heat.
As for coats, shirts, and pants, the sizing you like does not change much, but for cutsews and knits, there usually is a trend inside yourself, and after purchasing them and have them sit for a while, your taste may change and be like "woah, the item choice was on point but the sizing is not what I want!" There are many times, really, that I end up regretting.
Since it is something about myself, but the disappointment is also from myself, each season I feel a certain sense of irritation.




Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All things WTAPS./195th entry「Magazines」

Thinking back about magazines, I feel it was the norm to go to the bookstore the day it is released and reading it from cover to cover without anything unread until the pages are all wavy by the time the new issue comes out.

It started from the movie magazine of my childhood, onto the music magazine, then the teenage fashion magazine; as time went by the types of magazines changed and magazines I had a subscription with increased creating unorganized piles all over my room.
Reading same articles over and over and gazing at the same photos repeatedly.
I got happy when I found a column or something that I had not read when going back into the archives. The other day I pulled out an old STUDIO VOICE and noticed that I had underlined a part; I have no idea why that had inspired me and reading it now I do not feel anything special about it. Wondering what it was, I tilt my head and reminisce in amusement.

Magazines are things I adore. Even now, and even back then.





Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR
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