Title: All Things WTAPS./360th entry「Elusive」

THE TRUNK MARKET is an event that takes place regularly at Fukuromachi Park in Hiroshima. WTAPS attended this event as NO.813.
NO.813 was a concept shop at THE PARKING GINZA that was in the underground area of the Ginza Sony Building. It was a shop to output what was cultivated in the city known as Tokyo, taking the country code for Japan, 81, and adding the area code of Tokyo, 3. After THE PARKING GINZA ended, it resurrected as a limited-time-pop-up shop around the end of last year at Shinjuku Isetan. This time, it was resurrected once again at THE TRUNK MARKET. Not a regularly scheduled shop, but a shop that pops up out of nowhere, and quietly disappears. I feel this is how NO.813 will continue on. Leaving behind anticipation of when and where will it appear again?


Shiori Etsugu / PR

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