Title: All Things WTAPS./356th entry「I guess I actually like it」

I feel that anyone can have one of those days where there was something that made you feel irritated or gloomy, and you wake up feeling really miserable. 

Regardless, I try to switch modes, since I have to face what I have to do.  While still not being quite cheerful, I put together my outfit feeling "I will just wear whatever," but then the beanie does not go with the jacket...etc. etc. and my taste and style starts to burst out.   

In the end "whatever" just does not work, and without realizing it, I am feeling better, and head to the train station satisfied by the items I chose from thoroughly thinking it out. 

I felt this morning that clothing for me, is not just something to wear for the daily life, but it is something that moves me that day.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

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