June 2017

Title: All Things WTAPS./339th entry「Looking for something」

I end up losing all hope when I try to remember something while not being able to determine where it was written down, and cannot even find where to start. During this, I get swamped with other work, and start searching another day. Rinse and repeat. But, suddenly I feel this may affect me in
some way since it is stuck in my head and I hope to remember it, so I dig in and flip through everything in the area I recall. I think the feeling of joy when that passage is found, the feeling of satisfaction of why I wanted that now, may be a form of catharsis.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./338th entry「Packed shelves」

Most of the time, interviews with the media take place at the studio where the Director is at, that has materials related to the background of products, image sources, fragments of cultural influences, etc...all within reach; of course there is the convenience, but the way these materials are placed, stored, and lined up also lead into things, and I realize once again how this makes perfect sense.

Many things are messily packed tightly, but it is all organized and grouped. I fully understand this, but when I am told to grab that magazine over there during conversations, I feel a sense of pressure to absolutely not make a mistake of where to put it back.


Shiori Estugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./337th entry「Lost items」

There are things you see solely because of the place.
There really are not many times when something like this is just laying around on the ground; it may be quite strange if the people belonging there or the environment is different, something that has absolutely nothing to do with the job, or it is something that does not fit into someone's profile. That is that. That is why it is not anything special to write about, or feel deeply about. But, minor scenes like this, are things that make me really feel how this is where it goes down. It just concludes by handing it to Production saying "you dropped something.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR
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