February 2017

Title: All Things WTAPS./328th entry「34」

To have pride in knowing what WTAPS is about. To know that such knowledge and experience just does not stop there. It keeps evolving, and new ideas are added. But, there always has to be a background with a base, along with the process and reasoning for the creation. Like how a house without a foundation cannot exist, such things are a necessity for it to be possible.

Even things that may seem like they are proceeding separately have a point of intersection somewhere, and in the end they create one big result that has no lines of boundary.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./327th entry「No matter how many times」

I get excited about surprises where both the one being surprised and the ones surprising already sort of know about it, but they are planned anyways to be able to see a happy face.

No matter how many times it is done, small mistakes or unexpected things always get tossed in the mix, but I guess all of that is part of the fun. After becoming an adult, you get used to the act of being surprised, but to celebrate and to be celebrated, are acts that are full of laughter and smiles, with both sides overflowing with happy emotions; I feel this is why it gets repeated again.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./326th entry「The road」

To capture the characteristics of an item. It seems like something straightforward, but it actually is a very difficult task.
Sometimes they may have the same item name, but completely unique from one another, and it is not unusual for something to look really similar to what it was up until now, but actually having a huge change hidden. Selecting items, and thoroughly going over what are the noteworthy characteristics, but still you end up noticing a different expression from someone else's point of view. To keep updating, means it is at the final point, including adding and subtracting. It may be late, but I have started to realize how it is really a difficult road until completion although it is being called the same name.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR
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