Title: All Things WTAPS./239th entry「Memories getting denser」

It seems like every exhibition I sort of reflect back to my own tracks.
Not particularly any minute details, but in the actions that I am used to, such as looking across the venue and greeting faces that I know, it is like patches of vast memories circulating.
But, this time it was a little different, I tried to somewhat arbitrarily reflect back on a certain period. The design written on the invitation from an exhibition over 10 years ago, how I observed what the designer was wearing when I spotted him out in the city, how I met a favorite senpai of mine that passed away too early, etc. etc. all came to me unconnected in fragments; maybe the items from this time inspired those nice bits and pieces of memories to come about of the scenes when I was more sensitive and responsive to things.




Shiori Etsugu / PR

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