November 2014

Title: All Things WTAPS./219th entry「Shopping is fun」

It is interesting how during the end of the year you get a sort of push from the bustling atmosphere and can allow yourself to buy something somewhat more expensive.
Maybe it is a feeling like you are preparing yourself properly for the New Year.
Separate from the emotional aspects of thinking of the done year and the new year to come, shopping is something that is fun to begin with. Maybe it is just me, but even going along with someone shopping is something that I get excited about.
I end up peering eagerly wondering about what they are going to choose, or thinking to myself oh they buy something like that. Maybe I might think to myself how next time I might try that, etc etc.
When I went out last weekend, my shopping cart fully reflected what I just mentioned, and I laughed by myself thinking about how easily I am influenced.




Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./218th entry「It's so cold」

I feel the deepening of winter is something that brings a slight feel of suspense.
A feeling where you combine things timidly; everyday the temperatures drop a little by little, soundly, giving you a feel of nervousness like it is challenging you.
Can this amount of layering still work? Inside me, there are items categorized "these are for winter" so I struggle within if the time for those have arrived. When wearing clothes in the morning, I still have leeway to think about such things while wearing only SKIVVIES. It sure is cold though.
While spending time caught up in such fear, I lose to the harsh cold front that comes suddenly one day.
That is when the suspense ends. That is when the real winter begins.





Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./217th entry「The coolness of the morning and the heated atmosphere at night」

Every year around this time we all gather together and wear the same hanten (a traditional Japanese short coat), and head out to the Tori no Ichi festival to worship at the shrine.
All of us heading out together started in 2012, and until last year is was always visiting the shrine early in the morning.
But, this year we visited at night; the difference in atmosphere between morning and night was something.
I was completely blown away. The feel of the place was completely different, like someplace I went to for the first time; my behavior was that of straight nervousness.
First of all, the number of people visiting the shrine was totally different. Of course I assumed more people, but it was more than what I thought.
Worshiping early morning in the clear, crisp air tenses you in a motivating way, but the festive bustle after the sun has set was also fun.
It is an event where after visiting here, I really feel that finally the year is about to end.




Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./216th entry「A message not forgotten」

Looking back, the Director's blog has been going on since 2006.
I clearly remember the very first blog entry, but reading them again I realize there are posts I have completely forgotten, there are things which surprise me; that happened that long ago?

In these days and times it may just be another tool to transmit, but is is formidable in the sense how what is said and seen on the computer screen can become very important and lasting.
It is proven. I can remember clearly even now the feeling, excitement, how moving it was, and also my fluster.

Are blogs archived documents? Or are they a form of memory?
At a minimum though, there are memories which exist with the blog, turning points left in the blog, and feelings that only could have be written in the blog; things like this definitely exist in the words from the few sentences and a couple of photographs.




Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR

Title: All Things WTAPS./215th entry「Once you notice, you cannot stop not noticing」

Socks have stepped up to being part of your coordinate, instead of how they were just a part of what you wear in regards to grooming.
You may say it has been like that for a while, but in my case, during times when I had longer pants length, it was something I was fairly unconcerned about.
As long has they were not too beat up, I used them while they seemed worn a bit until they were done; I did not bother much with colors. After all, you could not see them from the outside.
But now for me their existence is more like the key in creating balance, a connection between shoes and pants. I cannot help but be concerned about it all day when I wear something that does not match.
Having said something seemingly exaggerated, I guess looking from the sidelines it is just self-satisfaction.




Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.Shiori Etsugu / PR
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