June 2013

Title: All things WTAPS./166th entry「Backpack」

This year's rainy season is here again and rain gear
like the A-Frame and Vallet get used more frequent.
I got a new Backpack so that I can be prepared for anytime it rains
to carry the A-Frame that can be worn even over a backpack.
Even when there are many things to go inside the bag
the Backpack opens and closes and also has flaps and straps
that can be used to carry things.
Not just rain gear like jackets, but larger mats can also be rolled up
and carried so that both hands can be free.
Regardless of if it was not its intended use, when you feel like you were
able to draw out its potential, you start having more love for that gear.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./163rd entry「Memories」

At first the memory even had clear contours
but as time goes by it gets thinner,
the exact time and place, who was there and not there
all start to get fuzzy...

Maybe I am at an age where I lose confidence in memory retention and amount of the memory.
When talking about movies and music the actor's name or song does not come out as fast
and I feel like I somewhat forget more than before.
Of course, I am bad with those tests like what was yesterday's lunch.
Lately I rely on the internet, and not even trying to remember
but I am not sure if I am even trying to retain the information.
To add, lately it is not rare for me to find something I thought I knew for a long time to be wrong from the internet.

But, there are many things also which will not make me feel any better if I could remember more clearly so
times like that I feel it is unfortunate also.
It should have been just like how it was.
When you say you cannot forget something, you have to take it to heart,
but I feel you do not have to remember everything all crisp.

Don't know really why but was really happy,
don't know really why, but laughed a lot,
a little blurry is just right,
personally I like those kind of "memories".


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

All things WTAPS.Naoyuki Inoue / Production
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