April 2013

Title: All things WTAPS./159th entry「Communication」

In what humans do there is the thing called "hear".
It is something so normal that it does not get focused on but to live on
lately I have really realized it is a very important thing.
Without concentrating nothing retains when listening to someone.
Even if ears are perked focused on listening only words retain as memory.
Have interest in who you talk to, want to know, this stance
is needed in conversation if you want what you heard to become part of you.
When I forget what I talked about, every single time, I feel embarrassed, feel miserable.
Also first without being able to precisely listen
there is no way you could convey something to another person.
It may seem easy, conveying as your words,
I feel this is a very important fundamental form of action.


Yasunari Iwasaki / Pattern Maker    

All things WTAPS.Yasunari Iwasaki / Pattern Maker

Title: All things WTAPS./158th entry「Every failure is a stepping stone to success」

There are times I make mistakes that completely knock me out.
Sleep or awake it is all about that.
I get really depressed.

Times like that, making a mistake is also so,
but the the thing that I get bummed about the most is myself.
The cause was inside me from way before.
Today's mistake is not only today's mistake.
You realize the usual confidence was overconfidence.

It would be easy if you got scolded hard like when you were a kid
but society is not that easy, nobody follows along.
After scurrying around a bit, you can only wait until it gets fixed,
trying to patch things up or giving excuses only leave an emptiness;
such tough time flows.
As if it recognizes how in your heart you want to be released from it
as soon as possible, the terrible feeling lingers.

But, it is how much of this terrible feeling you feel.
Without faking it, to know the "bad" of yourself.
Further, destroy what was just carelessly piled up,
and next time build a foundation and slowly build the pile up correctly.
If you do not do that, you just end up repeating the same mistake.

This does not mean you should make mistakes at whatever
but the mistakes that you happen to make, in other words a valuable experience,
it is about how much you can learn from it.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

All things WTAPS.Naoyuki Inoue / Production
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