February 2012

Title: All things WTAPS./98th entry「The beauty of shirts」

The Spring/Summer launch is coming up next week
and the image of wearing new items will become a reality.
For Spring/Summer, many people choose with temperature as a priority
so most often low stress and low care items
in wear and look
like cut and sewns and polos become the majority.

Perhaps that is why
shirts with collars giving a fresh look seem especially nice.
To wear a beautiful shirt properly is actually not that quite difficult
regardless of a work shirt or a dress shirt
all you have to do is put in on and button it up to complete the look.
The rest is to look in the mirror and find the balance the shirt requires.
Even for casual shirts if the build or how it is worn is rough,
the potential of the fresh feel cannot be brought out.
Of course from the silhouette and touch when worn, to the seasonal feel,
the details packed may be surprising and may sometimes go unnoticed
but during the last motion of buttoning the cuffs
I think you get a feeling of elation that is hard to describe.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./97th entry「Boxes」

The paper box used for WTAPS shoes and hats.
Of course you can use it as is to store items
making it a handy box for loose stationery and documents.
Many of you probably use it in a similar fashion?
At the atelier, it is used to sort clothing details and threads
and personally for me it has become part of my interior as a shelf for socks or postcards.
Also by placing stickers on the side, you can give it your original touch.
Another addition is something to look forward to when purchasing an item.


Yasunari Iwasaki / Pattern Maker

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./96th entry「Setsubun」

Today is February 3rd, Setsubun.
According to the old calendar, it is spring from tomorrow.
If you think about the cold weather now, you may not realize it, but the season will be changing soon.
I feel like not much time has gone by since I wrote in this blog before winter about the seasonal change of clothes, so it really it hard how fast time goes by.

If the season changes, then so do the clothes
so exactly one month from now on March 3rd
the new season for WTAPS will start.
From tomorrow you will be able to see the lookbook at the GIP-STORE and the HOODS stores.
Please do make your way out.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./95th entry「Information」

Everyday, information comes in through various forms of media
such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, the internet, etc.
Maybe from the TV used for a clock in the morning
or the radio upon arriving at the atelier
newspapers, magazines, and internet at the house and the atelier
and even in the train on the phone since it can be
used anywhere.

Out of all of this, I can say the atelier has the most of why and where
in time, details, and amount.
Since I spend most of my time form Monday through Friday at the atelier
I get most of my information there from music to movies, cars and motorcycles,
books and manga, cameras and bicycles, food, and even the latest news.
Everyone teaches me from their own past experience or by
adding in info regarding hard to understand news so it can be easily understood.

And at the same time I realize that stuff which you cannot tell particularly who is saying to what lacks substance and is irrelevant.
Also one thing I can say, is there is nothing that can beat what someone who
has experienced many things says.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

All things WTAPS.
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