August 2011

Title: All things WTAPS./63rd entry「pressing tools」

 There are many tools for making clothing
and the hand press is one of these tools.
This is used for pressing eyelets, rivets, etc. onto cloth.
What we have at the atelier is a hand/manual one so it does not work well for mass production, so this is used mainly for samples and repair.
Depending on the fitting, you have to have the appropriate mould ready, but this is a very handy machine to have around; also since it is operated by hand, the level of fondness you have towards the item increases too.


Yasunari Iwasaki / Pattern Maker

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./62nd entry「Catalogs」

It is about time for the catalog to appear when the start of the new season becomes less than a month ahead.
Thanks to all, this will be the 9th catalog in this series.
Right now is preparation time to make sure that the catalog will reach as many people as possible.

When the catalog gets here, we all go through it and the parts you check out seem to differ depending on what role you played in the production of it; the joy of it getting done is there, but also there is the nervousness of maybe finding some errors.

There is one last thing I look forward to
after going through it all in detail.
That is taking this new catalog and sliding it into the row of previous catalogs;
this is something I quite like.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./61st entry「To do is a mistake, to not do anything is a huge mistake」

In an organization called a company, there are several divisions and the operation functions based on each individual understanding their own part.
But, even as individuals as I mentioned above, we all have the same common goal of manufacturing something and selling it, so there is a before and after in the workflow which is connected together in a single line.
In various situations, the position you are placed also fall in this before or after, and sometimes in the middle.
When you are in front you think of behind, and when you are placed in the back you think of the front, and when you are in the middle you think of the balance between these two points; this is something I learned when I became a member of the WTAPS team.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./60th entry「SHOP COAT」

A shop coat is a work item born for work regardless of if you wear it while working, or if someone working throws it on to appear in front of others.
It carries coat in the name, but this word itself is used very broadly and obviously the category and purpose is different from beautifully tailored dress coat made of tantalizing fabric or a bal collar coat made of Burberry twill that will not tolerate any wrinkles.

The shop coat was created more for purpose
than something to enjoy wearing
so regardless of the changing times or material
you cannot replace the original identity of a
“coat made for work”
and it retains this hardiness with no space allowed for other significance to be attached to it.

But, something interesting about this shop coat
is how for some reason when you wear it
your back straightens up.
Pop the collar, put a pen in the chest pocket
button one or two buttons up
maybe decorate the lapel with a pin
then maybe the stains from work even seem something proud to be of and you get a similar exciting rush akin to when wearing a dress coat like I mentioned above.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./59th entry「Restart」

The opening of the WTAPS only shop,
GIP-STORE, is getting closer by the day.
The predecessor, Forty Percents Against Rights®,
started in ’93 and went dormant from ’96.
The same year as a real apparel brand, the restart was made as WTAPS®.
And after 10 plus years Forty Percents Against Rights®
is back in action with a new theme.

Things have been proceeding without a true base of operations
but a fresh restart will take place holding down as “where the guerrillas hide”.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

All things WTAPS.
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