June 2011

Title: All things WTAPS./47th entry「It has started」

The preparation for the next exhibition in autumn has started.

During the first phase
staff from our headquarters that is a short distance away comes here.
During a meeting with a little more people than usual
the next season’s framework gets decided on.
WTAPS is made possible with the help from
staff outside of the atelier also.

Working together with them is very important
to ensure the products make the shelves just like we envision
Since we cannot see each other everyday
during times like this when we meet
talking work is important
but also the small talk after work is valuable time.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./46th entry「Tanmono」

Continuing on with the production talk from last time.
The shape fabrics are in before they become products like shirts and pants
is called “tanmono” and this means the state of fabric wrapped around a shaft.
Some of you may have seen a photo of fabrics like camouflage
lined up in wooden crates at the atelier.
Also at the Philosophy Store material was sold by the length
in this tanmono form.
After the tanmono is woven, vinyl is wrapped around to prevent it from getting dirty when sending it off to the factory
along with a tag that has the specs and numbers noted.
The first form the fabric takes for production.
This entry is an unusual sight of the tanmono rounded up.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./45th entry「The rainy season」

Since it is the rainy season
it may be sunny in the morning but suddenly overcast and start raining
so up to a certain extent you are prepared to not panic
also once you are an adult it is not like you get told until you leave
the house to “take an umbrella!” and
worst case you think you can buy one at the convenience store;
the guard level towards rain has completely lowered.
But even now that rain is not such a big deal
the fear wet tile invokes still never changes.
It is okay when I am prepared for heavy rain
and wearing rain boots but
when leaving the house it did not seem like it was going to rain
and while in the train the weather starts to get bad
I slightly regret how I am wearing sneakers.
I have not worn any other sneakers except for VANS and Converse
so I cannot outright speak for all sneakers
but regarding those I mentioned, wearing them on rainy days is quite thrilling.
Basically they do not grip on wet tile
so trying not to slip, trying not to fall
I have to pay close attention when walking.
And this is more of a hassle than it seems.
But I only wear those sneakers so when walking
so every year I am a little worried during this time frame on how I can
walk Omotesando in the rain without walking funny.



Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./44th entry「To have words」

I try to always keep by my side
how I think and feel in words.
Maybe it is because I would like to convey how I am on the site of making things which is usually perceived as something transient called clothing and
wonder what kind of words a person like me has to use.
it is a show of heart of how I do not want
something which is taken as vain and superficial called fashion
and end it just as that.

But just like how everyone lives on with their own thoughts
I will keep making things while carrying words.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./43rd entry「Familiar」

There are some WTAPS items that have become standards.
The sunglass being introduced this time is one of them and
it is an item which has been crowned with the designer’s name, TET.
The print has been updated giving it a fresh look.
This is a standard so there are no major changes;
things that are familiar from being in the daily routine for a long time have the
user’s feel blended in and becomes something that is absolutely necessary.


Yasunari Iwasaki / Pattern Maker

All things WTAPS.
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