Title: All things WTAPS./36th entry「T-shirts」

Basically it is throughout the year, but every single year especially right before summer I focus on buying T-shirts.
I already have many, but still I end up buying more.
The feel of the sizing at the time or because of the graphics; it is probably because T-shirts are an item that are easy to change up depending on feeling.
Even if it all ragged with holes or the neck stretched out from wearing every year, I will keep wearing it if it is something I like.
I try to choose accordingly within myself like when there is a meeting I will wear a fresh and nice one, and when I go to the beach I wear something light that may dry fast.
When I have to make that decision in the morning,
I truly feel that a T-shirt is more than “just a T-shirt”.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

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