May 2011

Title: All things WTAPS./37th entry「23rd time」

It is almost time for the 23rd WTAPS exhibition.

The atmosphere during this crunch time is quite good.
Things that went smoothly arrive a little earlier than the deadline
and samples of those that lagged a bit arrive barely in time as expected.
The results are honest and reflect how much you put into it.

As the seasons go by, the quality and speed of work is increasing
and this rate of growth is also something of interest I look forward to.
Nothing spreads out by doing only the same thing for 23 times
so each time there is always a new challenge.
Some anticipation, some frustration, some feeling of accomplishment…

The exhibition that takes place twice a year
is a great opportunity for our experience points to vastly increase.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./36th entry「T-shirts」

Basically it is throughout the year, but every single year especially right before summer I focus on buying T-shirts.
I already have many, but still I end up buying more.
The feel of the sizing at the time or because of the graphics; it is probably because T-shirts are an item that are easy to change up depending on feeling.
Even if it all ragged with holes or the neck stretched out from wearing every year, I will keep wearing it if it is something I like.
I try to choose accordingly within myself like when there is a meeting I will wear a fresh and nice one, and when I go to the beach I wear something light that may dry fast.
When I have to make that decision in the morning,
I truly feel that a T-shirt is more than “just a T-shirt”.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./35th entry「Catalog」

The WTAPS catalogs started from the 2007 Autumn/Winter season.
It plays an important role as a tool which WTAPS can use to project
each season’s visual images
while keeping the same format.
When the season changes the theme changes and of course the items are updated;
so what we have as an image, what we see in our minds,
and what we can only vaguely imagine
all take shape by making something visual and chalking it out
by having different photographers each season expressing this
fully with their character.
I truly feel it is a blessing to be in a situation where we can contact immediately people that can precisely support this
when we want to express what we want to see.

And there are still many
artists, photographers, and hair and make up artists
which we have not even met yet.
When the time comes to start conceptualizing the next catalog,
I look forward to it, and really get excited thinking about this.


Shiroi Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./34th entry「Seasonal wardrobe change」

The sunlight is getting warmer and the season is here where going out feels good.
The nights are still a little chilly, but why not change out to summer clothing from your feet?
By shortening the length of your bottoms the seasonal feel changes and the look becomes refreshing.
Why not enjoy the days off lightly?

Today’s atelier is full of shorts. 


Yasunari Iwasaki / Pattern Maker

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./33rd entry「Continuance」

No matter what,
up to now someone has resolved whatever
but this time around it does not seem so.
It would be great if the sadness
of losing something important would heal,
but that is very difficult

Even if us adults grow old and die
and the children to be born become able to run around,
it still may not end.
As long as such troubles last, there is no room for slacking.

It is still going on.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

All things WTAPS.
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