January 2011

Title: All things WTAPS./6th entry Lunch time

Many of you may know this already.
Lunch time starts everyday at noon at the WTAPS atelier.

A little before noon, the person in charge of lunch that day goes out to buy lunch and those remaining get tea ready, clean the table, prepare each one’s cups and chopsticks, and wait for the lunch to arrive all prepared.
Lining up the lunch boxes that were just bought and checking out the details, rock, paper and scissors take place and the lunches get chosen in the order of who wins.
No need to be concerned for others at this point.
More like such politics have no place at the atelier.
So no matter how far one goes to buy lunch
or no matter how confidently it is presented as “this is a first!”
if it does not taste good everyone mouths their honest opinion.
We all understand our mutual trust and appreciation
so the words expressed may seem a little blunt.

The atelier has a kitchen and full cooking utensils so
sometimes we make meals here.
This day we cooked udon that was brought to us.
Tempura and other fixings were bought from a local spot.

While eating lunch and also after we are done,
we all talk together for about an hour.
In these conversations, talk about work comes up too. There are no lines.
Serious talks, laughing till you cry,
this time that gets repeated everyday actually
brings something more than it may seem.


Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./5th entry「Fuda/tags」

Meishi/business cards are a tool with a purpose to function as a self introduction; company or personal = the “background” portion of identity has to be condensed into one tag or else it just becomes a paper printed with a name and address.
The weight which this “background” holds
and the pride to have your name noted on there
the one allowed to have this tag has to feel this
or else it is just a piece of paper.

Finally after all of this, will it then become a mamori kami (protective god) = mamori kami (protective paper) with your identity found in it.

Tetsu Nishiyama / Director


All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./4th entry「Squared away」

Every day people come to the WTAPS atelier
and often times people will comment on how “it is so clean”.
It is an old building, the structure is bare and visible giving character
so in this case of clean, I feel the meaning is
“squared away” or “kept tidy”.

Actually, cleaning is only done once a week, just a little on Friday morning
so it is not like we are always cleaning away.
There is no set person assigned for the duty, and there is also no one strictly enforcing it. There are many times the atelier gets used for shoots,
and even in this case, nothing is moved; we have it shot just like the way it is.

It is a little complex, but being able to keep it like how it is
may be due to how things are squared away in their appropriate places.
To think that it will end up that away unless I do it
instead of someone will do it later.
That is how “it has been cleaned up already” can exist.


Tools have to always be in the same place or it will be hard for everyone to use, if things are piled up you have to start from cleaning up the place before you do something.
It is not your own room, but a place shared with other staff
so being squared away is all about doing work.


It is not something done to show someone
the WTAPS brand identity is reflected in the workplace
so I feel it is a place to help understand who we are.
When we start working together, this is why we have people
come over to the atelier.

Naoyuki Inoue / Product

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS./3rd entry「SAS」

The vast amount of books, photo books, magazines, manga,
CDs and DVDs at the atelier.
When creating WTAPS products
we use this archive and read, watch, and listen.
Not only as an archive, these are also used for personal interests too.

It may be an archive, but most are not things where clothing and accessories are
featured individually;
I feel most are things that portray indirectly
like images or a backdrop of the era, a certain feel, or words and messages.
But with such material you of course start to think more from that point about it
digging deeper and wider and I think this leaves room for enjoying the process.

This time are documents concerning SAS (Special Air Service of the British Army).
These books are what I looked through for creating the samples
for the 2011 Spring/Summer collection which we will launch in March.
Look forward to where the influences will show.
You may discover something new if you look at WTAPS products from a different angle
based on your own interpretation.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Product

All things WTAPS.

Title: All things WTAPS. /2nd entry “Dialogue”

As a means to spread the understanding of WTAPS, exposure in media such as magazines has become a necessity.
But the forms are various
such as having items featured which go along with the proposal at the time
or featuring styling by having shop staff wearing the items.
Lately, maybe because of media diversification,
shoots or interviews of the designer have increased.

The question and answer format is no doubt an interview.
But, extracting more than the answer of the question
listening to understand correctly what the other party means
conveying what you feel and think to the person based on this
and also for the receiving end to recognize correctly the nature of the question
thinking how to answer in a precise manner which will convey
in the meaning of how the asker and receiver does not just throw something
I feel the conversation is not just an interview, but a “dialogue”.

I visited Moichi Kuwahara-san early in the New Year.
Many of you may have listened to PIRATE RADIO.
This day was an interview for the freepaper dictionary
and I was invited to his art school, dictionary club.
This building in Shibuya is surrounded by trees; a beautiful location.
The interview took place in a classroom with minimal interior
a table, chairs, microphones, and asker and receiver only
it was a simple and straight “dialogue”.



Shiori Etsugu / PR

All things WTAPS.
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