September 2010

Title: Break

Busy mornings I take time and have a coffee.
It really does not have to be coffee, but anything for a break
to purposely clash with the hurried body and mind.

My surroundings were only busy, or me being hasty.

This time made by pushing it a bit
acts like a slightly unreliable brake which still does its job
making the start of the day pleasant.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

Title: Stuff tales 39th round "British stuff"

So, the same type of weather continues.
The temperature compared to last year is 3.3℃ more for the highs, and a 4℃ difference for the lows.
It is so hot.
On the other hand, it makes you think winter is going to get real cold.
Sneakers or sandals for summer.
Boots for winter.
This is the usual setup for my feet.

This round is about the boots.
We collaborated with DR. MARTENS for this season’s WTAPS collection.
The item is a standard in my wardrobe, the lace up boots.

At a glance it may seem like the usual 8 hole, but with the help of Andrew and DM Japan, we were able to finish this with geeky specs.
The last used is of the vintage model 1460 and available in 2 colorways of Oxblood and Black.
The toe is not tilted up too much and a not too flat silhouette gives a pleasant and smart appearance.
The binding not found on 10 holes is brown, the welt (midsole) is vintage brown, the welt stitching has been changed from the usual yellow single stitch to a black chain stitch, and the inside is full beige leather.
Shoe laces were spec’ed brown for the Oxblood model.
And also only for the Oxblood, the trademark DR. MARTENS pull tab has been changed to a brown based pull tab.
Finally, and most importantly, these boots were made in the first and oldest DR. MARTENS factory in Northampton, England, which has been around since the 60s. Available in stores at the end of October, just a little off ahead.
Please have a good look at these obsessively spec’ed boots.

These are the first 8 holes for me.
They wear nice compared to 10 holes, and compliment shorts well.
There was a shoot recently for COOL, which will go on sale September 24th, where there is a feature with me wearing them.
Please have a look at this also.




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