February 2010

Title: Dr.Martens

This is the designer's Dr.Martens 10 hole which you have
probably seen me wearing several times.

The color is cherry red with no steel in the toes.
For shoelaces, the longest white ones are used
laced all the way up to the top and wrapped around 4 times.
The wrapped shoelace is then put in the pull tab on the back.

There are other models, but lately
these are the ones that show up the most.

Usually worn really tight where the shoelaces make a straight across line,
but the other day after a fitting session for pants
talk of about how
it really takes a lot of time up when wearing them first thing
in the morning and when taking them off to enter a place.

But I have never seen them loose, ever.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

Title: Missed shot

Friday after the holiday
I met up with the designer and went to an exhibition from the AM.
After a meeting, on the way back to the atelier I got the lunchtime obentos.

I have ate the obentos here several times
but since it is a little off from the atelier
and the designer picks it up on his way to work
so I have never been to the actual shop.

Popular at the atelier, this bento is from a back alley shop
but it is really popular and even before noon there may be only one left for some and others may already be sold out.

I was planning on getting a pic of the obento right up until I started to eat and I forgot and ate it all so look forward to next time.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

Title: Stay tuned

Many may know this from the designer’s blog,
but the radio is always on in the atelier.
Of course it depends on the workflow but
usually it is on all day.

CDs or iTunes playing your favorite songs is one thing,
but songs suddenly from the radio by someone other than you,
at a different pace has a different feel to it.
I guess the key is the form of spontaneity and public access.

Before work listening to the same radio station the first topic of the day may be a song we heard or during work if there is an interesting topic or selection we may look at each other;
I feel the radio is also effective when time is spent together in the same place.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

Title: Measuring tools

The WTAPS production team is composed of 2 people and depending on the item,
the responsibility is split. Tools used also vary, and one of the tools out of these is the tape measure.

Unlike the soft tape measure used to measure along parts of clothing, for print things like the screen series, the location is determined with a locking metal tape measure.
Since many points are determined in a short time, I feel that this really shines by being able to use single handedly with a smooth action.

Because of how burly it is and how cool it looks while using it,
I used it once to measure clothing size but since it was the wrong application it did not work out and went back to the soft tape measure.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

Title: Custom made

This is the bag of the designer before going out on a business trip.
Unfortunately this is out of production but
this is what frequented the honeyee.com blog,
the bag that was on the desk in the usual place.

Like this bag with initial hand written
there are many things in the atelier where something has been added
like stickers or sprayed using stencils.

Taking a look at these things which have a touch added to them,
I feel that taking care of things may mean
to be able to add something regardless of what it is without doubt
and to use it fully.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production
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