November 2009

Title: EX20 is over

The exhibition ended last week free of trouble and hassle.
It was a good opportunity for us to meet and speak directly
to people from local and overseas shops and those in the industry
besides from having people see what we will be doing.
This time was another important week for the brand.

And from this week, I am switching my mindset to the next exhibition.
There are many other projects going on at the same time,
so it is better to start things sooner.

Leaving a mark on the calendar 6 months ahead,
we have started moving towards EX21.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

Title: Right around the corner

The preparation for the exhibition next week is in its peak.
The samples are all here, and the shoot for the look book took place today.
When the usual photo shoot set gets assembled in the atelier,
the atmosphere of the place becomes quite pre-exhibition-like.

With the designer coordinating and the models wearing the pieces
the samples which were flat rapidly become three dimensional.
This is a moment where something you have been involved in from the start looks fresh.
From tomorrow they will be displayed and their role as the “collection” starts.
WTAPS EX20 is right around the corner.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production
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