September 2009

Title: Embroidery

As a print on shirts and cut and sews,
the motif appears also on places other than clothing like print matter.
From this season it is rendered for the first time as embroidery.

Skillfully using the characteristics akin only to embroidery,
the feathers on the wing portion are separated one by one; also by embroidering with bumps on the feet and tail portion, a three dimensional way of expression
is achieved which is different from print.

Due to the stroke, the pitch, shininess of the thread, and/or the thickness,
even as a one point accent
I feel the whole atmosphere of the clothing changes drastically.

For plain shirts like the BC L/S or PLAIN L/S
which do not have a pocket on the chest, it becomes the point of focus
sharpening the appearance.

Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production
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