August 2009

Title: It has been a while.

blogging on the official site after a while.

The other day there was an intense shoot for the magazine, Men’s Fudge.
The shoot took place with a bunch of big names and the deal took a whole day so it required lots of energy but
checking out the layout that got done, I understood.
Photographer was Syunya Arai.
Look forward to it!


Also right around the Autumn/Winter launch, catalog distribution starts.
This season there are a few new items which were created.
What I make is clothing, but things are made because there is a user.
I don’t like to be pushy, but as a reference for suggestions on use,
from this season there will be a look book ready at Blackflag and HOODS.
The collection’s view is rounded up with many different coordinates.
Please take a look when you drop by.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: BUDS

Deployed every season with changes in the material and details,
BUDS are the pants with flap pockets on the back left and right.

With flaps on the pockets things put in are less prone to falling out and the back style which usually ends up flat
becomes three dimensional because of these patch pockets.
Also this season a ribbed grosgrain fabric is used on the side vertically giving a sharp vertically long appearance from its striped looks.

The name BUDS originates from the
3 stage 30 week long
Basic Underwater Demolition training which the
almighty US special forces, the Navy SEALs,
are required to go through so they can
battle in any environment flawlessly such as the sea, air, or land.

FYI, the WTAPS sweat series named HELLWEEK
originates from the most testing BUD/S training which lasts
5-and-a-half days with a maximum of 4 hours sleep total.
Also the name for the swimwear that gets released only for Spring/Summer, UDT, comes from the Underwater Demolition Teams deployed in WWII which are known to be the predecessors of the SEALs.

Also for the next Autumn/Winter, a slightly different variant will be release. Including those from this season, please take a look with the origin of the name in mind.
These are all items with an originality you would expect only from WTAPS.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production
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