June 2009

Title: Darts

The human body is three dimensional and not flat whereas
clothing is made of flat material called fabric.

By manipulating the pattern and adding darts and/or tucks, it is made
into something three dimensional that fits the body and feels good to wear.

Other than this, darts and tucks are used to make the joints like
knees and elbows bend easier and also to prevent fabric pull when bending.

The pants called DRAWERS utilize this.
It is three dimensional around the knee to the hemline because of darts;
you can feel the garment keep up with the movement of the knee.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production


During the upcoming season,
it is quite common for your
pants pockets to be stuffed with many things.
Can’t wear a jacket so
capacity shortage strikes from time to time.

Small and light, but
not really something to put in a big bag
and something you don’t want to carry in your hand…
For something like that
a small lightweight bag comes in handy
that has a thrown on cloth feel.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production
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