May 2009

Title: WTAPS EX19 #12 Exhibition

Finally the exhibition started from yesterday.

There was some gap in between
but almost every other day adjustments to the samples were made,
everyday over and over detail checks and meetings with the factory,
and for the final stage handling the graphics which the designer starts
dropping like a bomber from up above,
then wait for the samples to come up.

During the waiting time for the samples to get done,
The necessary documents for the exhibition get organized.

It is simple, but because of these days,
yesterday we were able to start to the exhibition with no complications.

It is still not quite summer, but I can’t wait for the cold season already.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

Title: Right around the corner

The samples are out
the prices and delivery times are set
did the look book shoot
done with the in house meeting
all the prep work needed is finished as of this past week.

It is a quiet weekend at the atelier,
but after this weekend things will get happening.
The exhibition is from Monday.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

Title: It’s about time

There is a makeshift hanger rack in the corner of the atelier.
When this appears, exhibition time is near.
On this hanger rack starting from now,
the samples that come up get hanged up one by one.
They wait their turn here before they get displayed in the pressroom.
While doing the final checks it is routine for us
to enjoy our own pre-exhibition before everyone else.
The most nervous and exciting time for us in production
is right around the corner.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

Title: i-D

The new i-D is out.
A 6 page interview following a timeline
of the beginning up until now.
Edit done by Kunichi Nomura
and photos by Shusei Tsukahara
so it has a reminiscent Philosophy Zine feel.

It should be out at the import book stores soon.

Please take a look.



Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Long time no see.

Sorry it has been a while.
Right now we have been preparing for the Autumn/Winter exhibition.
You are probably bored about preparation talk
so here is a different topic.

The pic is of a mound of VHS tapes and DVDs.
Made a display out of it.
The wall has a nice look now.
Feeling amped.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director
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