February 2009

Title: It is set!

The Work Shop is going to happen.
For further info, please check HOME.

It is planned for 2 sessions and for both
it will be limited with a max of 20 people;
we kind of feel bad about this but to create something while
enjoying it together, we have decided that this number is the limit.
Thank you for your understanding.



Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: WTAPS EX19/#8 Colors

The base color is decided quite early on in the process
when creating the samples for the exhibition;
depending on the product’s base color,
the colors for the accessories that go with it get decided.

For items that are multi colored like plaid and camouflage,
the balance of how all the colors blend together are taken into consideration
aside from checking each individual color;
decisions are cautiously made for example by setting Pantones next to it.


Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

Title: Stuff tales/37th round “Multi purpose”

Personally I like items that are specific for their purpose
and find interest in how they are well made.
It is also fun how when you get that special feeling from
owning it and to be able to use it.
Tools are especially so and how they are made for one purpose only from the start; I find it “gracious” how their only role is to serve that
and that in itself is plenty cool.
Every season I struggle to find how I can incorporate
this “graciousness” into making clothing.

In clothing when you end up making the likes of “purpose specific”
the egoism seems too strong
but at the same time
if you focus too much on “multi purpose”
they kind of end up like cheap useful goods.
I think about many things how in creating clothing
this becomes wasted.

feeling how I want to make stoic items with a specific purpose
I end up making them intolerantly.
Since my specialty in clothing is creating “daily town wear”
I put into it my knowledge fully that I have
although it does not quite go as far as something for pro use only.
Among all of this, one of my favorites is
the square nylon made poncho called the A-Frame
which is like sheets with a hole cut in the middle
where you stick your head through and throw on to cover yourself.
The recent models have plastic snap buttons on both sides
to hold it down
but previous models were not plastic
and used a combination of metal snap buttons and eyelets.
Using the holes in the eyelets it became a sleeping bag by
fixing a military surplus quilt mat to it and a simple shelter
can be made also with a pole and some parachute chord.
Minor changes were made because
for town wear use, the above use was unnecessary;
the eyelets were removed so it could be used as a picnic mat,
the cold metal snap buttons were changed to
small plastic snap buttons,
and if you really needed to, you could add your own eyelets.

I think perfection is impossible even for an items made with pursuit.
I believe items that remain will be a design
that has somewhat of a margin for time and purpose.
To not over do and not under do
may be the “graciousness” I wrote about earlier.

For reference’s sake, when I made a shelter out of it
the shape ended up being just like the letter
A of the alphabet
so the name A-Frame derived from this.

This is just an aside
when I used to ride around a Jeep Wrangler with the top off
when it rained, I used a poncho instead of a bikini top.




Stuff tales

Title: Exterior packaging

Before the new season start of March,
packaging material for the products start showing up.
The usual crowd of various brown packages.
They have a very important role of making the brand image.
They cannot be something inferior compared to the contents, but at the same time it cannot be something that will heavily affect the product retail price.
We try to stay aware of the balance as a total package.

When you get home and take a look at what is inside,
if you get the feeling of wanting to put something else in it afterwards,
it might be just right when it is something that can
serve you a little longer.


Naoyuki Inoue / Production

Title: WTAPS EX19/#7 Classmates

For plan meetings
depending on the item, category, or issues at hand,
the number of people involved change.

Among this the two person format of designer and person in charge
is the lowest person count for a meeting.

The photo is from a minimum person count meeting that happened the other day;
back in school they hanged out together,
but putting desks together and studying probably did not happen with these two friends,
now they are using the same desk making something together
and looking close to this I felt a deep something in this process.

Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production
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