December 2008

Title: Stuff tales/35th round “Meet you in Shibuya”

The 90s.
There was a fashion scene in Shibuya
called “Shibukaji”.
Among them there were 2 major types
one was called the hard style
70s American movie influenced
blue collar people loved
work brand shirts, bottoms, etc. with
the item loved by outlaws like
bikers and rockers the leather jacket
all rocked together, the pure “Shibukaji”
while on the other hand you had
The American trad icon
Ralph Lauren, etc. ivy look items with
that were not the typical ivy trad footwear until then
creating a new genre of coordinate
called “Kirekaji”.
Just a note,
both of them
are heavily influenced by the move OUTSIDERS
the former “Shibukaji” were “Greaser”
and the latter “kirekaji” were “Socs”
so probably this came about from
the 2 main groups in the movie.

for this time loved by “Kirekaji”
let me introduce a Timberland moccasin.
A collaboration between Undefeated x Timberland x Wtaps
this is moccasin called “Hand Sawn”
using fur lining that matches the season
on the upper, also called the shoes face, suede is used
with a quilt style stitch.
For the sole, matching the cappuccino color lining,
an original is used.

Sold at Undefeated and Blackflag.


Stuff tales

Title: WTAPS EX19/#1 “Plan”

The plan starts to move right around this time, at the atelier, for the Autumn/Winter exhibition to take place roughly 6 months from now.
From now and until the exhibition, I would like to explain the process in order from production’s point of view.

The way things move depend on the season’s theme,
but for this season we started from
changing the viewpoint of the whole scheme of things.
The first meeting 2 people, designer and productions, total 3
including me and discussions took place based on position.
It was the first so the image is still vague, but for production
personally it is something I am really looking forward to.
Starting now the people involved increase, many things decided,
then the samples get done.

From the next meeting on we will start deciding on more specifics.

Yukiyoshi Shimada / Production

Title: Taking a look

Our job is to make stuff.
To make stuff, most of the time it cannot be done single handedly.
Many people get involved to make it happen.
So to meet people and to talk to them becomes an important job.
Here at the atelier, many people visit regardless of staff or not.
When many people come over, even staff bumping into each other may turn into a meeting, so sometimes a single place to meet and talk is not enough; so there are several spots.
This environment greatly helps the WTAPS product.

Naoyuki Inoue / Production

Title: Ok, ok

I felt a change in this Official Blog’s
editorial policy was needed.
At first, “looking at stuff” was the focus of the
editorial policy,
but we will be releasing more insider type info
a little more from the WTAPS atelier.
Not only by myself, but I would like to borrow
my team’s strength and I will continue
on at like in the past
releasing information
with a viewpoint other than from the WTAPS perspective.

Please take a look over there also.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Stuff tales/34th round “two forwards”

For WTAPS when winter comes around
leather appears.
For a good example of mainly mouton
RANCHO has been the one.
This season more leather items were released compared to the past.
For example something symbolic would be
B3 which was inspired by it
or the 500 stud adorned
ACNE are new models.
Both items are available in this season’s color, blue.
I will appear with matching outfits with
Wolf’s Head’s Takuji in a magazine coming out soon.
Because, as a matter fact, both of us like the Blue Hearts.


Stuff tales
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