November 2008

Title: Stuff tales/29th round “derives from…”

Many people might already know this,
but most WTAPS items are named.
The “more or less standard” released every season
including this year using a 3 layer GORE-TEX® build called the Sherpa
is also one of these items.

The name Sherpa derives from a combination of the guides for the
Himalayan expedition climbers called “Sherpa” and the part called a
“Shell” for insects, like the outer part of a pupa or the tegmen.


Stuff tales

Title: “Makes me blush”

Our next season’s exhibition was going on till yesterday.
During this season when many dealers, friends, and acquaintances visit
I get a chance to see that many different styles of how people coordinate
so it is also a happy season for me.
Despite of how people have many brands in their wardrobe
when I see people pulling off older WTAPS items
it makes me happy
and at the same time I feel thankful.
There was a client nicely wearing wool pants
from the previous Autumn/Winter season’s
and when I became free I planned on talking to this person
but when I noticed
they had already left…


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Stuff tales/28th round “A collar says a lot”

For a traditional shirt, they say the silhouette makes it or breaks it.
But for a plaid shirt
like a work shirt, this is something that is not said much
following the norm of being slightly larger
WTAPS work shirts, like a traditional shirt
are made focusing on the silhouette.
The collar is said to be the face of the shirt making the overall look.
To add on, the “collar” is something important
since a persons impression can change with just the “collar”.


Stuff tales

Title: Breakfast Club

Time for a break.

For the first time
on the way back from a business trip the other day, I used the lounge.
To be more precise, I have used a lounge before taking off
but it was a first to use it after reaching where I was going.

The reason I did this was on the day I was travelling
there was data I had to send
and to send this I used the lounge after reaching my destination.
Usually I assume that you use it during the wait period before taking off
but not using this dead time
without being rushed by worrying about when you have to go
I realized it can be used in a different way
and I ended up liking this.

I guess there is no need to mention after sending out the data
it was very cozy
so I ended up taking a longer than planned break.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Stuff tales/27th round “Just a little lighter”

Autumn. The time now before winter.
For this time before the cold winter about start
it would be good to be able suit up just a little lighter.
Worn directly over a T-shirt
a down vest layered shows character
and comes very handy around this time.
Hoodies, long sleeve shirts, thick knits, or even light jackets
can be worn under this versatile item.
The down vest from this season “Brokeback”
is spec’ed heavy using leather and wool
making you look forward to break it in nice.


Stuff tales
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