October 2008

Title: Stuff tales/26th round Cotton duck

Cotton duck is a thick and tough cloth
originally woven for the use for the sail on boats
and is widely used from tents, tops, and in recent year’s shoes.

For bags, etc. when brand new
it is something almost too rigid, because it is a thick cloth
with the added texture from being properly starched.

Depending on how you look at it, it may seem that it has not been broken in
and rather than someone “using the bag”
it has a humorous “being used by a bag” atmosphere
but as it gets used and broken in, the texture completely changes
and depending on what you put in the bag
the bag starts to fit becoming really nice to use
standing up to use and abuse
becoming a trustworthy partner you grow fond of
while at the same time you feel you have conquered it.


Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales 25th round Saturday Night

With somewhat TEDS coat like remnants from the previous season,
the EAE is a 3 button, shawl collared, long length coat;
this is like something from the film noirs that WTAPS filtered.

This season cotton twill is casually used,
with a herringbone backing.
Stitching on the collars and cuffs.
By adding stain damage and used modifications
the image completely changes from the previous collection’s TEDS
with the characteristic dry cotton feel really showing.

Like the Black Jack outlaw doctor white coat
or the well worn mechanics chore coat
it can also look like the proper workwear of the working class.
For us that work
there is the once a month “pay day” (well in Japan its once a month)
and there is the once a week “rest day” Saturday
so dress up with the Saturday Night stitching on your back
and go out.



Stuff tales

Title: Utilize

I am always attracted to “utilized things”.
For example
the boots in the picture.
The long storm has gone away
and I saw these boots hanging to dry
on the clear sunny day after.
hanging to dry.

These boots with an unknown owner
were under the eaves of the probably owner’s house
sitting there by themselves sun bathing as if they were
recuperating from yesterday’s storm which was their big job.

There is one spot where maybe a hole wore through
repaired cleanly with a bicycle patch kit
that looked so proud to me.
The boots were used as a “thing” had no problem with it,
almost seeming justified, while the owner,
definitely fond of them, used this “thing” as a tool;
it almost seemed to show
how the relationship with the “thing”
was not something cozy.
I felt that the “person” using and the “thing” used,
both had an independent role without favoritism
leading to this working relationship.

That is why I began to think that to “utilize” might be
not for the person to use the thing
and the thing not using the person.
The relationship of both is not too close,
yet not too far
for it to work out.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: OBP

A-RON from Off Bowery asked WTAPS to do a design
for his T-shirt installation at the Collette in Paris
so I did not have much time but did one up.
WTAPS along with SUPREME and others were not in the
installation, but were made for sale so
we are planning to sell this at Blackflag.

Please look forward to this.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Complete Studio

I went to Taiwan for a business trip.
Over in Taiwan there is a select shop that CLS’s Taka directs which is a place we do business with called Complete Studio.

It is the second time for me to go to Taiwan
which the first time was for this shop’s opening reception
which I was only able to attend for 15 minutes travelling from Hong Kong
bouncing back and forth
so honestly I didn’t have a clue on what kind of country
or city it was and was left with no impression.

But this time was a 1 night/2 day deal so I was
pretty excited like going on an overseas trip
without knowing the minute by minute extremely busy schedule ahead.
(wake up – interview/coverage 5 hours – eat – sleep)

That is why
honestly I still don’t have a clue on what kind of
country or city the place was...

the fact remains that the food was incredibly good.
Especially I was surprised with the karasumi (salted and dried mullet roe) fried rice.

3 hours by plane.
A little below Okinawa.
Eat, play, see, and buy.
How about checking it out on a weekend?
A 1 night/2day get-there-and-back trip.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director
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