September 2008

Title: Catalogs have arrived

Today they arrived at the atelier.
From the 14th they will be distributed at Blackflag.
Look forward to it.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Catalog delivery is just around the corner.

Even I have not seen the actual catalog
but I think it is that time for delivery.

Being a collaboration with a photographer
the catalog is a form of medium that I focus on making as a piece
I am really looking forward to the result.
This time around the photographer is Mr. Mizutani
and through the use of a tool called a camera,
things called clothing appear as how he sees it.

He takes and creates delicate work.
Please look forward to it.

Also at around the same time in our site
the collection will be up
so please take a look at this also.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: The ever so popular collabos

Life is a collabo.

By meeting people and
talking, feeling, thinking
getting influenced for the better or for the worse
changing, experiencing, and growing
sometimes gaining confidence, and sometimes losing it.
In the equation of Society = Work,
you meet various people building experience
and in many ways, your quality as a person increases.
In my case, I deal with work that makes things
and keep a mindset to “make quality stuff”.
This mindset inevitably gathers other makers
who have this consciousness to “make quality stuff”.
Having people that have this mindset in the mix
is the how and why of the stepping up in quality of the stuff.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Editorial

With the help of technology
in this day where blogs reach the masses
everybody is a person in the internet world
and makes it possible to transmit to the world.
Objectives are usually something to make it happen
and for WTAPS the objective of our website
is to use the global scale medium called the internet
while keeping the important backbone of the culture we have
the brand, the designer
saw what, felt what, thought what, using what,
how it was created, how to show it
are the things to be exhibited by us.
In the small formatted world of blogs
how will WTAPS exhibit
is all that it is.
Tomorrow a new content titled VLOG = Video Log
will be uploaded.
It is video.
Please check this out also.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: kinda off topic/1

In this time and age, books and CDs
are things that might be mostly bought using the internet.
Frankly it is convenient, can be linked to, and have comments
which help out.
The cost and risk is lower than having an actual shop
and business is streamlined
so this may be an ideal for both the seller and buyer.
For a bookstore the characteristic shows through the selection of
what is lined up on the shelves, and you can get excited
with the smell of paper, feel of the texture, the beauty of the bind,
doubts turned into interest after touching the print
turning the page checking out the typography and design
delighted by the layout
buying because of the words on the lead found on the belt or cover
it is a fact that even a fan like myself has distanced away from
the bookstore and feel sadness in this situation.

These days the speed for everything has increased
and in emails and chats the faster the response is beatified
for blogs it is not up to par unless updated daily
new information is fresh on a daily basis, and gets old on a daily basis
without going out and finding out the piled up information by the minute is a way to feel the world is
something I fully understand.
Times have changed and the fun from going to a bookstore
seems to be diminishing as time goes by.

The other day, Aoyama Book Center had a deal with a theme of “body”
and at the same time a booklet was released so I was asked to contribute something.
It was a very small corner but the booklet made a bookstore blew me away.
From editing to the binding it was perfect
the ad on the 4th page was Takeya, the paper specialist company! Stylin!
The contents was comprised of many famous people excluding myself
writers, designers, artists, photographers
and just that makes it really interesting
but reading what each has to say about a book regarding the “body”
the introducer starts feeling like someone close
persuasive, giving the contents an “I have to read this!” feel.
There may be many bookstores that are active like this
but, I feel that the numbers have dwindled.
But what I understand for sure, is
it has become a catalyst for me to go back to the bookstores.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director
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