August 2008

Title: House of Ink.

BULL INK Original Design Souvenir T-Shirts are
back available again at Blackflag.
BULL INK is a cut and sew manufacturer that
WTAPS uses every season for printed T’s.
Cut and sews are their main, but
outer wear such as
coach jackets, letter jackets, etc. are also available.

Slightly thick and not wrinkling easily
using high quality cotton and with a characteristic
known in Japanese as “Marudo”
this T-shirt has no seam around the body portion.
(Depending on special order or color, some may have a seam)
The length and width that make the silhouette
is a little shorter and narrower compared to a regular T-shirt
and this came about after realizing how it goes along good
when printed on.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Stuff tales/24th round “More than meets the eye”

This is from a collection a while back.
The WIPE from the cargo series.
Just like the MAG I previously introduced
I find myself using it a lot lately in my travels.
Putting small stuff
needed for the dry airplane environment
like candy and such.
Shaped like a wallet
and when you open the main compartment fastener
there is a separate space other than the main
made as a place
to put pocket tissues.
In other words
it is an item for small things
but also serves the purpose as a pocket tissue cover
perfect for organizing.
Might be good as a tissue case/card holder for the car.


Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/23rd round “Righty tighty”

It is kind of early but
a sneak peak
from our next season’s collection.
We created a buckle
collaborating with Magical Design
The designer, Mr. Uchiyama
is someone who really does fine, quality work and
has an atmosphere of
“wow this guy really enjoys creating.”
His methods and ways
the accuracy of the computer
is just right and I really like it.

You can feel the weight of the build that is of silver and brass
putting it through the belt loops of a pant and around your waist
just like it is called
a feeling of self awareness like when tightening an obi
a good form of tension can be felt.

There are other variations
like one with a turquoise accent with a wing motif
another with an eagle motif made into conchos
it will take a while for it to get done
but please look forward to it.

FYI my belt in the picture
is put together with
the belt that was made as a collaboration
between Blackflag and Wolf’s Head.
The ultimate set up.

Stuff tales


“New York is a town that always amazes” is
what I feel everytime I come here.
For me
at a glance it seems slack
but if you really look it is very calculated
and there are many instances I end up amazed.
Rationally leaving the old town with efficiency kept in mind
with the citizens involved in the making of the city
is one thing I find highly interesting.
In the city things from the authorities
scattered is something also amazing.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: ADWAR.

In New York there are ads all over the place
really filling in even the smallest of spaces.
It is interesting checking them out
and they are even talk of the town.
Instantaneous impact is a necessity for billboards.
The force to capture the vision for a few seconds
of those passing by is a requirement for ad design and idea.
I saw a campaign for Vans.
The composition seemed like something I have seen before,
but the casting was cool.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director
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