July 2008

Title: Kick Back&Relax.

have their own distinct view.

Even with the same scene
what they feel vary.
Because what they see differs among each other
what they shoot varies and shows it.

Yesterday I traveled for the next Autumn/Winter catalog shoot.
There is some time until it will be distributed
but don’t stress waiting
and enjoy the summer.

Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: By any means necessary.

Did you know that every time when
from VANS Syndicate a WTAPS model is released
at the same time following the design concept of the model
special items are being made?

Up to now it has mainly been T-shirts
but for the 3 models to be released this season
matching each model
a concept item other than a T-shirt
will be made.

For the release’s starting batter
the Bash, the item matching the concept
will be a 3 brand collaboration item from
New Era, VANS Syndicate, and WTAPS.

Using New Era’s standard of standards, the 59FIFTY
with an embroidery that is a
90’s inspired design towards the visor and tail.
Blackflag limited.

Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Stuff tales/21st round “Silkscreen”

There are many ways to express through
silkscreen and it may seem old, but

it is easy to make
and how anybody can enjoy simply
is one of the greatest attractions.
Regardless of good execution, or not so good
there is meaning to making it yourself
and the instantaneous results are where it’s at.

The first time I used silkscreen
and printed something was when I was in high school.
Bought a bunch of plain t-shirts for cheap
and made stuff by night with the guys.

Now. I don’t mass produce, but
sometimes I feel like it and
print on cut sews
or skateboards
and it is one of my norms.

there aren’t many items with graphics printed, but
it is a form of expression that is the roots of WTAPS
and will not disappear.

Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/20th round “Adult common sense”

It is said to be common sense for adults
to separate wallet and card case use.

I agree.
When you stuff whatever into a wallet
it is kinda like a lunch pack sandwich
about to burst
all stuffed.

That is something you really want to avoid
so for me I put business cards in a card case
and a money clip to bundle cash and credit cards.

Porter’s money clip
is a leather wrapped steel clip
and for an accent
there are beads threaded onto a leather strap
for the design.

When put inside a pants pocket
it falls into place good.

Stuff tales

Title: Wall Walk_2.

Inspiration is said to mean
“the thought that comes to mind instantaneously in the process of

In our daily routine
what you receive from ordinary scenery is infinite.
This is how I have been doing it.
Changing the perspective of things
is important
for inspiration.

In my own creations
I focus on texture and textile.
For some reason out of many things, I feel drawn to walls
and in my photos I have for my data
I noticed there are a lot of walls.

The daily routine for a wall
is watching the day go by
without moving standing firm.

Outdoor or indoor
with air conditioning
or without

some with make up
some left bare
dirty ones with stains
polished shiny ones,

if it is a wall in a room
it might be dirty with hand prints
have holes left from thumb tacks
they know the person who lives there well.

If it is an outside wall
it might have signs put up on it
maybe some graffiti
and it probably has seen many different people.

Walls are full of melancholy.

Tetsu Nishiyama / Director
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