Title: “I will do it. I will say it loudly. I will say gambare. Can you hear it? Gambare!”

Finally the confidentiality obligation is over and here it is for release.
From the Beijing Olympic as an official sport
BMX is happening.
For our country, the Japan team
if they will make it to the final Olympic games
is not decided yet
but, for NIKE sponsored
countries, the uniform design has been made
and for the national team members to wear it
is a matter of time.
During all this
what our countries team is going to wear
as the uniform, is WTAPS
that I had the great pleasure to design.
As a child I rode a BMX for the first time
and for me, more than skateboarding
has an older root.
Because being young there is what you need to absorb
through the creative youth culture
BMX and skateboarding was a catalyst
that has greatly affected who I am now
and I am proud of this.
Children have an audacious side
that things adults cannot think up of
is an everyday normal way of thinking for them.
Without fearing new things and being modern
not conservative in any way.
Something you cannot get from only learning or being taught
growing with this children’s audaciousness
I feel the potential of the youth culture.
Jumping out of the category of youth culture
and to the world games everyone knows as the Olympics
as an official sport, BMX is
something for the future youth generations giving new possibilities
acting as a trigger, is how I feel.
That is why
for example
a member of the Japanese National Team
cannot make it to the Olympic finals
as a supporter,
as a representative of the youth culture,
as a designer,
and as a Japanese, letting me join in on this
I feel there is meaning to it
and I think it is something I am proud of.
Gambare! Nippon!

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