Title: Bash

Since release is around the corner
it’s time to introduce the collaboration model
between VANS Syndicate and WTAPS.
This season 3 models were designed.
From stitching, specs, and to the packaging
it is a new original model
executed completely with WTAPS full direction.
First up for bat, is the BASH.


This model is
the void between analog and digital
the late 80s to the early 90s as the concept
a period that gave birth to hip hop culture
mashed up by
high end fashion and street fashion
expressing the fusion.
The colorway is vibrant with colors representing that era
using 3 types of leather with different texture
And for the feature part having the most area
the iconic VANS checker textile is
expressed with stitching at a changed angle
giving character.
At the Aoyama Blackflag
it is planned to go on sale this weekend.
Please stop by and take a look.

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