June 2008

Title: Extra edition/6th round

Last day.
The last shoot for this visit
we did it at City Lights
and that makes it all done for work.
Other stuff left is
going out with the people involved this time
and other stuff etc. etc.
the VANS Syndicate Exhibition
is a wrap.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Extra edition/5th round

Second day in SF.
After breakfast with TG AKA Tommy
went to his workplace DELUXE
and enjoyed checking out the facilities with him guiding.

in a kind of shady area
the VANS Syndicate exhibition site.
John Cardiel
Steve Olson
Gabe Morford
Max Schaaf
Etc. and myself doing interviews.


Finishing the coverage before the official opening
and enter reception time.


Everyone has gathered up in this venue.
Good place
Good people


Yeah this is VANS.

Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Extra edition/4th round

Today first thing in the morning
left LA and off to SF.
As soon as I got there,
with no time to waste, off to check out the venue
for the VANS Syndicate exhibition to be held tomorrow.
The set up crew was busily setting up shop.
After that, went to one of our clients Darkside Initiative
and met Colin.
On the way back, went to City Lights Books
Famous for beatniks, and after that

a banquet held by VANS with over 30 invited guests.
There was an original menu
And mariachis played.

Near the restaurant of the banquet
was FTC so I took a peek
and there was some skate related photo book release event
with a Cab and Mofo signing.
I thought cool, so I got an autograph too.

Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Extra edition/3rd round

Today was also coverage at VANS HQ.
To hear from VANS’ living dictionary
Steve Van Doren
himself about the history.

From original packages,
to the making of waffle soles,
relationship with skaters, etc. there were many different stories.
I was drawn in to this great conversation.
(For more, check out next month’s WARP Magazine)

After having tea with Eddie, Chris, and rip
“There is a place I want to show you guys” said
rip and we were taken

to a scooter shop/café.
It was very local
and had a nice atmosphere.
There was a crew of “had to have been here” types
that added to the already great atmosphere.

DIY SPIRIT found here.

Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Extra edition/2nd round

was all day locked in at VANS HQ.
Meetings, WARP’s coverage, discussions with the VANS crew.
I got pretty amped over the new headquarters.
At the entrance you are greeted by
Caballero’s backside boneless.

in the Hall of Fame display of all the previous models
were some old running shoes.
I also found some WTAPS collaboration items.

There were molds for making the waffle soles
and molds for the upper.
Etc, etc, pretty damn excited.

I forgot to take a pic, but they had a bowl and ramp.
Employees were skating away.
This is America.

Tetsu Nishiyama / Director
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