May 2008

Title: “Time for a break.”

this time we will take a break from "Stuff tales"
and let me report about what is going on with WTAPS.
Next month, in Japan is the EX17 2008 Autumn/Winter exhibition
and in San Francisco
an exhibition for the VANS Syndicate collaboration models
so there are two exhibitions planned.

At the atelier, for the two exhibitions
the list of do’s is piling high.
It is pretty crazy, but
the crew is out in full force.
The best part of this time of year
is that we are totally
“on track” during this period
and the time for our final “arming up” is now.

I will let you know about other details next time around.


Tetsu Nishiyama / Director

Title: Stuff tales/10th round “Dashing”

Getting into unusual watches
wearing nice hats
putting on fake glasses
wrapping a scarf with style.
This is “normal” for us now
but those accessories
and items like those of luxury
were only for adults and had no place with kids.
When I was a kid watching adults enjoying this
I remember having a feeling that was a sort of “envy”.
It seemed that they were enjoying everyday
with no hint of their everyday life
taking care of their stuff
in a cool appearance
with individuality
dashing, but at the same time
keeping enough room to breathe
and knowledgeable.
What kind of music do they listen to?
What kind of food do they eat?
When do they go to sleep?
or, do they speak a foreign language?
Looking at an adult’s appearance I was
even thinking about stuff like that.
Something that is normal now
if I look back and think about it
it is full of what I wondered about when I was a kid.

Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/9th round “rolled up, wrapped up”

Hello everybody
“Mummy” in Japanese is ミイラ(pronounced me-rah)
based on the Latin word myrrh.
Did you know this?
in camping terminology
mummy is the bedding known as a “sleeping bag”
so I guess its
being rolled up or
wrapped up or
something like that.

This time it’s about hoodies and sweats.
The other day during my travel for an overseas business trip
in the airplane and in the car
I had the hood of a zip up over my head
blocking access from the outside world as much as I could
“like being wrapped in a sleeping bag” I slept
which really felt good
and grew attached to it
so it is with me, even when I sleep.
Especially for the season now
sweats are for
pouring rain
and chilly nights
worn and taken off
without wrinkling
a casual throw-on
that is an excellent and simple designed
article of clothing.

Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/8th round “Without adding, or subtracting, being as it is”

Things that do not change are things that are not in need of change.
Standard items that everyone know are good
really because of
how it is plain
without adding, or subtracting
being as it is.

A shape that is universal.
The shape of a shirt that anyone can tell is a shirt
and no matter how you look at it, it is the shape of a shirt.

Characteristically a work shirt
has a broad stitch width
but, WTAPS purposely set this width narrow.
By doing this,
The needle can be dropped finely
helping to add detailed wrinkles to thin fabric
like puckering seen in military stuff
texture floating three dimensionally
making it more modern.

Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/7th round “Through the darkness”

“Feeling the texture and smell of something freshly washed,
going through the darkness
there is the new day which is about to start.”

I guess this expression fits for
the time you wear a pull over shirt.

The good feeling when worn
that patterned clothing doesn’t have.
Only a cut and sew has the taut texture that can
bring joy to what you wear first thing for the day.

The washed and dried material should
give you a fresh and clean feel each time you wear it.
Since cut and sew’s are closest to the skin,
this feel-goodness-factor is a must.

Stuff tales
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