April 2008

Title: Stuff tales/6th round “Sunglasses are part of a person”

I was thinking about introducing small items
and while planning it out
thinking “Better off photographing it in indoors because of what it is,”
I wandered around the atelier looking for the place to shoot
and found it, but
next I struggle with the composition
and didn’t like the texture
so it took a while…
I ended up laying a milky white plastic panel for the base
so the photograph is like this.

For this round, I would like to introduce eyewear.

The eyewear WTAPS releases is called the
“Slinky Optics” line.
is the theme.
“Slinky Optics” is
based on a model or a character and revolves around this.
There are some signature models out also
but the model that we have as a standard
is what is in the picture known as Bad Manner.
Many of you probably know this already.

The protruding eye brow like shape
also has a bat like feel
and the motif behind this, is the letter “W” from the alphabet.

The monotone version gives off a
new wave atmosphere.
For this season we are selling a black version.

Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/5th round “What to take, and what not to take going out”

Stuff tales/5th round “What to take, and what not to take going out”

At WTAPS we have a bag lineup called CARGO®
that is jointly-produced with PORTER.

Bags have a very important role to play:
they are meant to “carry a load”.
Depending on the needs or purpose, the shape, function, size, and material change. There is something real about how they serve a different purpose utility-wise compared to clothes.
To be able to share, change, and learn
from designs that derived
through their experience
making shoes
for a long time in Japan
is the meaning behind jointly-producing with PORTER.

And for this collection
we made the well known “A.L.I.C.E.”

“A.L.I.C.E.” is a personal gear bag that the US military used in the past, and the acronym stands for “All Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment”.
The front grill is striking with its characteristic 3 sub compartments that many of you might already know. But, not only have we changed the shape and size; the specs are completely different, making this totally distinct from the real deal sold at surplus stores.
All the flaps have a quick release tab
relieving the stress of opening and closing
A mesh pocket behind the main flap
A laptop compartment towards the back of the main opening
A stash pocket behind the sub compartment
Slip pockets on both sides of the body
It has been redesigned so that small stuff can be organized.
there is a pouch called “MAG”
that we made as an extra bonus to go inside the sub compartment
to store the smaller stuff that tends to get shuffled around.
Of course all this is PORTER made.

So, on the next trip
What will I take, and what will I not take?

Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/4th round “Have you ever seen the rain”

Isn’t it raining a lot these days?
It is the long awaited spring but it is getting cold…
and also you have to overcome the rainy season that is coming up.
Basically I don’t like getting wet in the rain, but aren’t there times
that you want to get wet?
You know, that feeling you had as a kid when you put on that rain coat and boots.
I still have that.
That feeling.
This time I have gathered stuff that will let you enjoy that rain.

Starting off is an item that is regularly released called the “A-Frame”.
It is that shape that anyone knows called a square; and when you see someone wearing it you can’t help but smile because it seems that the person wearing it is enjoying the falling rain. It is a poncho that you can slip on and off when you need it.
I have it tossed in my car and it has come in handy many times.
The reason for the square shape is so that it can be used as a piece to sit on at a picnic, or as a tarp by making four holes in the corners anchoring it down with rope under it, and also it can become a tent.
The name comes from the “A” shape it makes when you make a tent, so the name became “A-Frame”.
This is kind of off subject, but a Jeep I used to ride was stripped down with no roof and I used to use the “A-Frame” as a soft bikini top.

“Vallet” is also a long length jacket that comes down to the knees and has a hood with a visor giving you no need for an umbrella.
The meaning of “Vallet” comes from the parking attendants. When I used to go to New York a lot, at the hotel I stayed at, I noticed the doorman and valet people who worked near the entrance of the hotel wearing a long nylon hooded trench coat over there proper suits. That is what inspired the making of this.
I like how it is easy going because of the long length covering the whole body so you don’t really have to worry much about what kind of bottom you are wearing.

“Sherpa” “Para Smock” etc. are a breed of milspec items that have a true WTAPS feeling.
This season is also a 3 layer build using GORE-TEX®, and laid out on the inside seam tape is the brand philosophy.

FYI, GORE-TEX® is not about the nylon material, but it is a material in a film form that is highly breathable but yet water repellent allowing sweat to get out, but not letting rain get in.
When it is made into a product, it is laminated into one piece by sandwiching the water repellent properties between the front fabric and inside fabric; it is something that you cannot see.
The black “Sherpa” from this season, has GORE-TEX® laminated into a cotton outer fabric.
The silhouette is also slim.

Many more variations of nylon items still exist.
This time I covered representative examples.
Even if it is raining
that you enjoy
that it is raining.

Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/3rd Round “Season for cherry blossoms”

Simply plain.

Stuff like this is hard to capture as a picture
especially when trying to portray the texture.
Squeezing out of my head how to do this,
I went outside and took the picture under natural lighting
to make the light distribute softly and evenly.
Suprisingly I was satisfied with the results,
so for this time it is this picture.
This is “No.5”.
This pant is a simple 5 pocket standard.
The variations that exist are “Basic” which has a hip label,
and “Tight” which comes with suspenders.

This season’s “Basic” uses a thin cotton linen
creating the double stitch threading to undulate,
and giving a three dimensional feel around the yoke.
The hip label doubles as a belt loop, and shows itself under the hemline of a shirt in situations like leaning or squatting.
On the other hand, “Tight” is a bold skinny type that is 100% cotton finished with damage mods.
The feeling is like a cherry red Doc Martin that has been laced tightly on the top and bottom.

These are to match the beginning of springtime when the cherry blossoms bloom.

Stuff tales
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