March 2008

Title: Stuff tales/2nd Round “Spring…ooh lala.”

There is a “smell” that tells you when the season changes.
Whether the change is to colder or to warmer, between sight, sound, and smell the sense of smell shares a larger portion of how I consciously feel the season change.
Well, right about now, there is that “spring smell” and when you sense that “smell” doesn’t it make you feel good?
Don’t you get hyped?
I don’t know; it seems to make you kind of nicer.
It motivates.
When it comes to smells, I think that instead of “smelling” the term “feeling” fits better.

When you feel that “smell” of the season, it gives you a certain craving towards what you wear.

It is when you start to say farewell to the past season, and change your wardrobe for the new season you will be hanging out with for a while.

It is a very pleasant feeling.

Speaking about this time of year there are
fresh colors
vibrant hues
supple tones
fresh washed textures
If you look at the above as things, these are all standard items from way back.

“Doc” is for this second entry.
To casually throw on, the feeling is a coverall that is denim with no lining or cotton with a hickory pattern.
Since work wear is the base, the build is made for the purpose to be free moving serving as an overcoat giving a “thrown on” feeling that is so nonchalant it is cool.
Keep it casual with a loosely flapping hemline.

Stuff tales

Title: Stuff tales/1st Round “Thanks for visiting here also.”

We finally established a website.
So how is it?

I am starting a blog here alongside with
As an editorial theme for myself, I plan to stick to topics related and focused on WTAPS.
I will be focusing on the background and details of items; something I have not been able to introduce so far.
Please enjoy “the view” of what a brand designer has to say.

For the first entry, let me start off with the details of the “Jungle Shirts” that is released today through

For the “Jungle Shirts” that is standard every season, I will talk about it later in’s “Standard Series”.
But for now, let’s talk about the’s released version “Jungle Shirts”.

This version is highly updated having a completely different silhouette and sizing compared to the current standard model, and the significance of this piece can be found in the honeycomb grid.

The “Jungle Shirts” has been a standard item for WTAPS since the beginning, but the focus this time is “Why the fixation with ripstop?” There is only one answer to this question.

“The faded ridges* that appear after washing, give a 3 dimensional feel unique to ripstop.”
Well, that is why.
Originally, ripstop has been mainly used throughout military items.
This fabric is a flat woven fabric with vertical and horizontal threads weaved 1x, with a grid made by a set spacing of 2 threads woven in; creating a fabric that is very tough under extreme situations that will not tear easily.
This grid acts as a catalyst in making waves and ridges across the fabric which gives a dry and sexy expression that no other fabric can match.

*Wrinkles and creases from wearing, to the fabric damage from washing, etc.

Stuff tales
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