Director's Profile



Director / Tetsu Nishiyama
a.k.a. TET
1974 born / raised in Tokyo


1993, activities start in Harajuku, Tokyo as FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS®.
Deployed t-shirts with graphics and messages mainly utilizing silk screen print.
Later on in ’96, WTAPS is launched creating pieces with values rooted in the daily life with the concept for the foundation “Placing things where they should be.”


On September 10th, 2011, the first flagship store, the GIP-STORE, opened in Jinnan, Shibuya. This is the only shop in Japan which stocks the complete lineup of WTAPS, and is a space which truly reflects the global view of the Director, Tetsu Nishiyama.


In 2014, the autobiography “MY LIFE IS THIS LIFE” (Magazine House, Ltd.) is released. A book written about his life up until now, it expresses in his own words the work involved in, philosophies towards creating, and the path he has taken. Also from this year, further activities start under a new brand, DESCENDANT.
A full line up is available for Men, Women, and Kids; the concept follows what the brand name as a word means, “Passing down the generations through children’s observations of their parents.”